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As of 2015, legal entities must issue accounting documents in electronic form. This has forced Mexican firms to get their management systems ready to meet the SAT requirements. Among other things, this means including the UUID Unique Tax Receipt Folio number in the electronic entries for all the different movements that generate this document.

The requirement poses some problems for businesses, which are often unaware of what this identifier is. It is a unique code, created by the PAC, which serves to identify a CFDI. The code is obtained by combining information contained in the receipt with data from the PAC that issued the electronic stamp. The UUID consists of a string made up of 32 hexadecimal digits grouped in sets of several characters separated by hyphens. So, it is a parameter integrated in the data structure that makes up the XML electronic file of the receipt.

To overcome this problem, EDICOM provides integral solutions that simplify the electronic accounting processes, with a comprehensive platform for issuing your chart of accounts, check balances and ledger entries. The e-Accounting includes the UUID of all the receipts affected in the issuance of entries or vouchers through the following solutions:

• Issuing CFDI e-invoices. Our CFDI issuing solution (more information) includes the add-ons necessary to integrate the UUID of the invoices generated in the accounting system.

• Vendor portal. To import their CFDIs, suppliers simply access a secure web portal. The portal will then integrate your invoices into its management system, returning the necessary data to your accounting system for the issue of journal entries more information

• Payroll issuing. This platform automates the payroll generation, signature and delivery process. It also integrates the UUIDs of each pay receipt declared to the SAT in the journal entries (more information).

• Expenses portal. EDICOM has designed a solution for employees to register their travel and sundry expenses via a web application. As a PAC, EDICOM stamps these documents, which are then classed as CFDI, while simultaneously integrating them into the electronic accounts (more information).