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Using the CFDI (Digital Internet Tax Receipt) has been mandatory in Mexico since 2014. As an authorized provider in Mexico, EDICOM has walked companies through the process of implementing the e-invoice by contributing not just adequate technology but by honoring solid values such as credibility, trust, and the ability to offer a global service to internationalize business projects.

Mexico has a fully established mandatory electronic billing system called the CFDI. the CFDI is a structured file in XML format for electronically declaring different fiscal documents (invoices, Credit notes and employee payroll) before the tax authority (SAT). The CFDI is such a well-developed system that other countries have used it as a reference for their own e-Invoicing systems.

The legislative complexity of the CFDI system in Mexico and the continuous changes to the structure of the XML document make it essential to have an excellent technological partner that offers a guarantee of up to date compliance with the CFDI´s legislative requirements.

How has EDICOM positioned itself as a distinguished CFDI partner in Mexico?

Technological service capacity

  • EDICOM was the first authorized CFDI certification provider to issue the “Electronic certification stamp” (CSD) which it places on the CFDI XML giving it fiscal validity and guaranteeing its syntactical compliance.
  • EDICOM’s ASP – SaaS solutions are designed to manage large volumes of documents in real time.
  • The solution is fully scalable, adapting to the company’s needs and document volumes at all times.
  • The CFDI issuance service has an availability guarantee of 99.9%. The SLA (Service Level Agreement) commitment establishes a maximum time for the resolution of incidents and for updating software versions.


Trusted operator

Offering service guarantees is one of EDICOM’s main pillars. For this reason, it not only strives to create the best solutions but also to be accredited and approved by specialized agencies that verify it. EDICOM has a long list of certifications including:

  • EDI Solution Accredited by GS1 Mexico
  • Electronic Invoice Solution Accredited by GS1 Mexico
  • Authorized Certification Provider (PAC)
  • Certification Services Provider in Mexico


Adapting to client needs

One of EDICOM’s objectives as a company is to make the work of its clients as easy as possible through technology and solutions that adapt to their needs. For this reason, EDICOM has developed a series of solutions derived from the e-invoice that provide added value to the CFDI:

  • Addenda Service. EDICOM analyzes the most demanded addenda derived from the largest retailers in the country such as Walmart, Soriana, Chedraui, etc., and incorporates them into its e-invoice solution in order to provide the best service for its clients.
  • Business@mail. EDICOM offers this service that allows users to generate and send CFDIs automatically. Business@mail is a platform that automates the sending of invoices while guaranteeing delivery as well as control over consultation processes and customer downloads. It offers more secure shipment than the traditional document attachment.
  • Ticket Portal. This is a solution designed to simplify the issuance of CFDIs at the point of sale, which benefits both the store managers and customers. This solution allows CFDIs to be issued online from point of sale receipts.
  • Suppliers’ portal. This is a web solution that simplifies the integration of CFDIs received.
  • Validation Service. The recipient of a CFDI is required to verify the validity of the receipt received. EDICOM has developed the CFDI Validation Service, a solution that integrates various checks on each of the invoices received and verifies their fiscal and technical compliance.
  • Cancellation service. It allows for the immediate cancellation of all erroneous certifications. It works in real time and in a completely transparent and secure way.
  • In Mexico, it is mandatory for the sender and receiver to keep original electronic documents for at least five years. With EDICOM, customers have storage services with total guarantees. The company is accredited for the Conservation of Data Messages NOM151. In other words, it is accredited with the Official Mexican Norm, which attributes greater legal guarantees to the stored electronic document as well as its ability to be used with proof of value before third parties.

Global capacity and internationalization

The CFDI solution is based on Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology and is integrated into the platform developed by EDICOM for global electronic compliance.

The standardization of EDI messages facilitates transactions with any partner in almost any part of the world. Due to EDI’s normalized nature, it is an essential tool in any document transaction process at the national level but even more so at the international level.

EDICOM’s global platform is prepared for tax compliance in more than 60 countries around the world so it is possible to centralize all procedures in a single solution.

In summary, having EDICOM as a technological partner not only guarantees CFDI compliance, but its technological solutions with added value provide its clients with the capacity for growth and the ability to adapt to the local and international environment.