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Long lines are with us almost everywhere: from the supermarket to the cinema. But, fortunately, in the workplace they are starting to disappear. At last, checking and signing a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payroll no longer has to be a waste of time or hassle for employees. Managing paychecks is now as simple as checking WhatsApp messages or posting a tweet.

Business@Mail Payrolls, the EDICOM solution for payroll management, checking and signature in the CFDi schema is now available in a version for mobile devices, fully functional and ready to be downloaded to the major market platforms. Thanks to this, payroll management is now easier than ever. In seconds, you’ll have access to all your paychecks and be able to sign them electronically, legally and securely, simply by pressing a button on your mobile device.

The B@M Payrolls app is totally free of charge to people already using this solution. To get it, simply access Google Play or App Store, install the app and start a session with the same username and password that you normally use when accessing the web version of the solution.