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Managing the payroll issuing process in a company can become an ordeal if the firm has a large workforce. From each worker having to wait in line at the Labor Department for 20 minutes or more to the average cost of 37 pesos this means for the company, according to a study carried out by EDICOM with benchmark companies in the country. Not forgetting the losses that can occur with paper, in addition to other manual errors.

As the recent tax reform states that payroll must be issued in CFDI format for submission to the SAT, many of these snags in terms of time and money will be solved or improved. But they will also involve some technical difficulties.

The solution to all these drawbacks consists of automating the process through total e-management, for example with EDICOM Payroll CFDI, which can generate savings of up to 88% per document for Mexican companies.

With a single click, workers sign their payroll from their workplace without waiting, manual mistakes or losses. And of course, in compliance with all legal standards currently in force.