EDICOM, Premium CFDI Provider in Mexico


Using the CFDI (Digital Internet Tax Receipt) has been mandatory in Mexico since 2014. As an authorized provider in Mexico, EDICOM has walked companies through the process of implementing the e-invoice by contributing not just adequate technology but by honoring solid values such as credibility, trust, and the ability to offer a global service to … Continued

What you should know about the CFDI Complements related to the Hydrocarbons Revenue Law


The CFDI has new complements related to revenue and expenditures in the hydrocarbons sector that must be submitted to Mexico’s tax administration. According to the Hydrocarbons Revenue Law, published on August 11, 2014, the tax administration has published requirements for CFDIs and deductible items for income tax, establishing the following:   For the purposes of … Continued

Update your CFDI solution now to include the Electronic Payments Receipt


Mexico’s electronic invoice (CFDI) is constantly evolving to improve the quality of tax information and simplify the procedures that companies must perform as taxpayers. As this evolution continues, it will be mandatory to include the payment receipt complement or the electronic payments receipt starting on September 1, 2018. EDICOM, PAC and technological CFDI solutions provider, … Continued

The new CFDI cancellation policy will go into effect on November 1st (Updated)


Starting on November 01, 2018, the CFDI cancellation policy (online digital tax document), approved by Mexico’s tax administration will go into effect. It’s a new measure that will avoid excessive CFDI cancellations, a problem, which affects a number of taxpayers and is favored by the underground economy. This change along with others scheduled throughout 2018 … Continued

The SAT updates version 1.1 of the CFDI’s INE Complement


Version 1.1 of the INE Complement, which went into effect on September 1, 2016, has recently been updated with changes to some of its fields to adapt it to version 3.3 of the CFDI. The update does not affect version 1.1 but it is mandatory that the changes be implemented in taxpayers’ systems. These are … Continued

RMF dates for 2018 in relation to the CFDI and its complements


Last December, Mexico’s tax administration, the SAT, published the Miscellaneous Fiscal Resolution (RMF) for 2018, which meets the general rules stipulated by the tax authorities, in the Federation’s Official Gazette. These are some of the most important transitional provisions that taxpayers should pay attention to: April 1, 2018: This is the deadline to present the … Continued

CFDI 3.2 and CFDI 3.3 coexistence period extended until January 1, 2018


In a recent communiqué , the SAT confirmed that the mandatory use of CFDI 3.3 will be delayed until January 1, 2018. This means that version 3.2 can continue to be used until December 31, 2017. Among other facilities, the optional use of the e-Payment Receipt has also been extended until March 31, 2018, so … Continued