Business Case

What is the cost of payroll receipt management?

Payroll issuance in Mexico involves the management of high volumes of documents, which translates as high costs and inefficiencies in their dispersal process, as well as in the generation, filing and custody of receipts signed by workers.

The use of electronic tools to issue CFDIs with the payroll complement required by the SAT, in conjunction with the Mexican law on e-signature, provides an ideal scenario to reconvert this entire process into a 100% electronic model that automates delivery and creation of the digitally signed receipt. Migrating this entire process to a digital schema not only provides enhanced security but also generates savings that can reach up to 88% compared to processing these documents on paper.

Download our cost analysis and find out how much you could save by implementing an added value solution for Payroll CFDI which includes distribution and electronic signing of all your receipts.