Secure CFDI sending with receipt acknowledgement

Even if you are issuing electronic invoices, you probably have the need to print out several receipts to be sent by conventional methods. In the best case, you can manually attach CFDIs to an email, but it provides no guarantee of delivery...

Have you asked yourself how much you would save if you could send 100% of your invoices automatically? And if this sending was also secure? At EDICOM we have developed the Business@Mail solution so that all you need to worry about is generating your CFDIs..

With our platform, sending your bills takes place automatically. EDICOM takes the data from your CFDIs and publishes them on a secure website accessible via Internet. Later, your customers get a notice telling them they have invoices pending in the portal. When they download them, you receive the information with a receipt acknowledgement.

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Safer sending

Lower management costs


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