Qualified CFDI safekeeping

Invoice preservation with the EDICOM Certification Services Provider guarantee

The e-signature that affects the CFDI reaches a sequence called “Original String”, which does not include critical business information such as that contained in Addenda.

To overcome this lack, you can rely on EDICOMLta (Edicom Long Term Archiving). This is a long-term storage service supported by EDICOM PSC (Certification Services Provider) design for the safekeeping of sensitive electronic documents such as the CFDI.

EDICOMLta stores your invoices in accordance with NOM151 (Official Mexican Standard 151), applying various audit and evidence management processes that ensure the integrity and authenticity of documents stored over time.

All the documents preserved by EDICOMLta acquire the rank of electronic originals with probative value in the event of requirement by any authority.


EDICOM Trusted Third Party

Qualified long-term storage

Custody audit and evidence with probative value before third parties

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