CFDI validation service

Validate 100% of bills received

The CFDI recipient is required to check the validity of the invoice received.

This is why it is necessary to implement different services in e-invoicing receiving solutions which ultimately verify that a CFDI meets all the set technical and legal requirements.

To this end, we have developed the CFDI validation service, a solution which includes several checks performed on each invoice received and verifies its fiscal and technical conformity.

How does it work?

All invoices or receipts received through a vendor portal or a CFDI reception solution are initially kept in “pending” status and undergo various checks. The first of these will be validation of the invoice XML file.

The service checks that the CFDI signature is correct, and the validity of the taxpayer certificate used to sign the document.

Likewise, the CFDI stamp is checked, analyzing the signature on the certification issued and the certificate used by the PAC.

Finally, acceptance of the invoice by the SAT is checked online. To do this, a query is made by direct calls to the Tax Administration Service.





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