Payroll CFDI

Cut your costs by up to 88%

Since 2014 it is compulsory to emit payrolls receipts as CFDIs. This process involves the participation of a PAC as EDICOM that certificates and declares these documents to the SAT.

Managing payrolls through an electronic process reduces the cost per document in a 88% in comparison with traditional processes. Furthermore, the system enhances employers’ productivity as the documents can be received and signed in their own workplace.

The solution developed by EDICOM for emitting, signing and distributing payrolls its named Business@Mail Payrolls. The tool it is a complete platform that simplifies the execution of all these processes through multiple devices:

  • Mobile app for IOS and Android
  • Web
  • Electronic terminal located in workplace

How does Business@Mail Payrolls work?

The EDICOM platform takes the data required and constructs the XML interface to issue the CFDI with the payroll complement regulated by the SAT.

The Authorized Certification Provider (PAC) EDICOM stamps the invoice and submits it to the SAT online.

A visual representation of the payroll in PDF format is published in Business@Mail Payroll. The payroll receipts are stored securely and confidentially in this web portal.

Each employee receives notice that a new payroll receipt is available. Entering Business@Mail Payrolls, they can digitally sign the receipt acknowledgement and note down any comments about the document in the event of discrepancies.

Each payroll receipt signed generates an e-receipt with the same legal value as a document on paper. The paycheck is stored with full security and retrieval guarantees in the EDICOM Platform Data Center.

The Human Resources department controls the status of documents delivered at all times, as well as the acknowledgements signed and pending signing.


Cost cutting

Increased productivity


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