Ticket portal

CFDI issuing online based on point-of-sale receipts

The Ticket Portal is a solution designed to simplify CFDI issuance at point of sale, which benefits both the store manager and the client. This tool lets you generate a receipt valid for tax purposes based on the information contained in the cash register receipts without involving store staff.

How does it work?

Your customer receives a receipt issued by your store’s TPV after making a purchase. With the information contained on this receipt, they enter the portal and register the personal and tax details needed to issue the invoice.

The portal connects to the EDICOM platform to issue the invoice, certifies it and submits it to the SAT online. Your customer then receives a copy of the e-invoice in PDF format along with the original XML.

The EDICOM CFDI issuing platform integrates 100% of the invoices generated from the portal with your internal management system.

You can find out more about the Receipts Portal solution on our website.


CFDI at point-of-sale



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