Vendor Portal

The web solution that simplifies integration of CFDIs received

The accounts payable management implies significant management costs and dedication of resources to administrative tasks. For its simplification, EDICOM has developed the Vendor Portal. This tool simplifies the integration of your purchase orders with your incoming invoices through a solution with the following features:

Purchase Orders Dispersion: The solution integrates with your ERP System posting your orders and communicating with your providers so they have access to them.

Suppliers Access: The recipients of the purchase orders are able to access through a secure login into a portal so they are able to download and print your orders.

Invoice Integration: The suppliers log in into a portal to emit their CFDIs. They can manually introduce the orders data or import the information from their invoicing system. This invoice will be integrated into your accounts payable system once validated with your checking rules.

How does it work?

The first step consists of generating the purchase orders in your ERP or management system.

The EDICOM platform connects with your solution, automatically publishes these orders in the portal and notifies the supplier that there is an order waiting.

Your suppliers access the portal o check out, print or download the order.

The data of this same order serve as the basis for the supplier to generate the invoice through the portal , taking the information contained in the purchase order as reference.

If the vendor already has the XML file that makes up the e-invoice, they can import it directly through the portal.

The invoice generated by the Vendor Portal is integrated into your management system once it has passed all the scheduled validations.

You can find out more about this solution, which automates sending of all your purchase orders and receipt of invoices from the supplier, on our website.




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